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Dr. Zahi Hakim Museum


In the Spring of 2019, Dr. Zahi Hakim generously gifted the Lebanese American University the collection of X-ray tubes and radiology antiques he had painstakingly sought, acquired and maintained over more than 60 years. The collection is now on display at the Chagoury Health Sciences building in Byblos, next to the auditorium, where it can be viewed by visitors and LAU’s medical scholars.

In addition to the collection itself, Dr. Zahi Hakim had developed a website, providing more information about these antiques. We are recreating the site in this section to ensure that it is properly maintained, and continues to add value to the physical display.

Foreword by Dr. Zahi Hakim

This selection covers the long history of the X-ray tube from the early days of 1896 when Roentgen first announced his discovery. It also includes a certain number of accessories that accompanied this discovery and contributed, in the decades that followed, to the development of the “fine art” that radiology has become.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the generous donators of many precious items in the collection, and my thanks to all friends, colleagues and fellow collectors who have contributed valuable information, texts or references.

In the case where reliable information on certain items may have either been unavailable, scarce or incomplete, any references, corrections, or additions would be deeply appreciated.

Read the full biography of Dr. Zahi N. Hakim.

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