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Local & Regional Affiliates

Local clinical affiliates include private and government hospitals:

LAU Medical Center–Rizk Hospital (LAUMC–RH):

LAU Medical Center–Rizk Hospital (LAUMC–RH) is a four-building 150 bed medical campus located in the heart of Beirut, which will be the principal LAU-affiliated clinical teaching and research facility. LAUMC–RH was acquired by an LAU-affiliated corporate entity on June 30 2009, and is undergoing major restructuring and expansion to transform it into a comprehensive university hospital containing several centers of excellence.

For more information, check out the LAU Medical Center–Rizk Hospital website.

LAUMS with Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH):

Rafic Hariri University Hospital is a prestigious institution which is affiliated with LAU SOM to push the boundaries of medical training a step further. Dr Zuhair Tabbara speaks on behalf of Rafic Hariri University Hospital, the largest university medical center in Lebanon, providing high quality health care, education and training to medical students, house staff, nurses and other health care professionals and basic and clinical research.

Our mission is to provide needy patients with optimal care in a safe environment and to preserve their rights.

What are Rafic Hariri University Hospital’s strengths, specialties and edge?

The professional and dedicated staff of RHUH delivers a full range of primary and highly specialized care. RHUH is served by a fully integrated IT system including an electronic medical information system. RHUH’s main strength is providing advanced medical care to the ever-increasing proportion of needy patients in Lebanon. RHUH provides comprehensive care, from diagnosis to recovery, covering the full range of medical and surgical subspecialties. The range and the severity of the medical conditions attended to is astonishing.

LAUMS with Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC):

Clemenceau Medical Center is one of the hospitals at which LAU SOM students will take their training and practical skills to the next level in a real environment. CMC’s CEO, Dr. Mouness Kalaawi, provides insight into what this advanced and progressive hospital encapsulates and explains the significance of the pivotal union with LAU SOM.

LAU’s selective affiliations ensure students benefit from superior real-life exposure and experience.

CMC is a high-tech hospital. To what extent does its technology surpass that found at other respected hospitals in Lebanon and the region?

CMC, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, is designed to offer patients the most innovative new treatments and technologies available in the region, in a safe and compassionate environment. Part of CMC’s mission is to continually look for new and improved ways of doing things. CMC offers a completely film-less digital medical imaging environment, and has built and equipped the most modern Operating Theatres in the world, complemented by advanced laparoscopy and/or automation systems, and real-time video tele-conferencing from any Operating Theatre.

CMC is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. What exactly does this affiliation entail?

CMC has been chosen by Johns Hopkins Medicine International to be one of its affiliated reputable medical institutions around the globe. This association gives us access to Johns Hopkins Medicine and Health System. This affiliation also commits CMC to deliver and keep its services according to no less than international standards and values. When you are a Johns Hopkins Affiliated Hospital, you have a reputation to maintain.

What are the main advantages that CMC will offer to the development and expansion of LAU SOM?

The collaboration between the two institutions is going to lead to:


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