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Message from the Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

The clinical education program at the Lebanese American University Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine aims at providing you, our students, with an outstanding, solid and varied exposure to clinical encounters, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and factual experience, assuring continuous professional development, and meeting emerging directives of medical education.

During the clinical years, you will not only experience usual patient encounters in classical rotations with traditional management, but much more importantly, you will learn to appreciate values, understand patient’s rights, accept differences, coordinate healthcare delivery, work efficiently in a team, interpret critically medical information, manage patients’ conditions based on practice guidelines and considering personal beliefs and social background, recognize the value of continuous self-improvement and learning in the practice of medicine, realize the importance of assuring continuity of care among different levels of healthcare, and develop a community-based approach to promote health and wellness as part of many other enriching experiences.

Our main teaching hospital, the Lebanese American University Medical Center - Rizk Hospital, and our affiliated healthcare facilities are real partners in the academic enterprise; securing a safe environment, conducive to learning, is in the heart of their academic mission. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from each and every moment of your clinical experience, and you will build for future milestones as an LAU MD graduate.

Sola Aoun Bahous, MD, PhD, MHPE
Professor of Medicine
Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

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