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Structure of the Clinical Years Curriculum


Med III:

Students attend introductory sessions one week prior to joining Med III. During these sessions, they complete their BLS program, Infectious Control training, in addition to an extensive orientation to the program, expected outcomes, code of conduct, assessment and grading policies, hospital sites and their policies, etc. They then rotate in 7 core clerkships in pre-established groups, and they have 4 weeks of vacation.

Clerkship/Thread Duration in weeks
Internal Medicine 8
Surgery 8
Obstetrics & Gynecology 8
Pediatrics 8
Neurology 4
Primary Care 4
Psychiatry 4
Longitudinal Program Throughout Med III
Continuity Experience Clerkship Longitudinal & Vertical – Begins in Med III

Med IV:

Nine core clerkships of different length are offered in Med IV, in addition to elective rotations, one capstone week and a four-week vacation. Students build their own schedule after an orientation around 7 months prior to joining their senior year. This flexibility facilitates career and residency planning.

Clerkship Duration in weeks
Intensive Care Medicine 4
Emergency Medicine 4
Internal Medicine 4
Surgery 4
Ophthalmology 2
Otolaryngology 2
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 2
Anesthesiology & Rehabilitation 4
Radiology 2
Electives 14
Capstone 1
Continuity Experience Clerkship Longitudinal & Vertical – Ends in Med IV


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