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Message from the Associate Dean for Medical Education

Tomorrow depends on what we do today. The new medical school at LAU has decided to be the first in Lebanon to develop, write and apply a modern, integrated and outcome-based curriculum. This is in tune with a worldwide trend to move from the traditional lecture-based and discipline-oriented curriculum, where medical sciences and clinical disciplines are taught in succession, to modern courses of study that integrate basic and clinical sciences.

“Mother and Child,” sculpture by Julie Waltz

Our curriculum defines knowledge, skills, aptitudes, appropriate communication, care, compassion and competence as equally important attributes. It also motivates students to understand the people they will serve, to care for the ailing, and to respect the opinions and beliefs of others.

Communication and information technology will be vital for the professionals of tomorrow. Our curriculum treats CIT as an integral component of the medical environment. New learning modalities will include simulators, simulation labs, virtual learning tools, small-group teaching, peer-assisted teaching, problem-based classes, and computer and internet-assisted learning. Lectures and bedside teaching continue to serve an important role in the teaching program.

As medical knowledge grows exponentially, educators have shifted emphasis from imparting massive amounts of information, to teaching “how to learn.” One of our key goals is to equip students to think critically and become independent life-long learners. After all, medical education is never completed at med school; it only begins there.
Medical education runs in wide and deep waters. We will navigate it with great passion, enthusiasm and caution along with fellow crew members, in the hopes that the young doctors we graduate are equipped and ready to face the challenges of their day, catering to their patients, poor and rich alike.

Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Dean for Medical Education

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