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Extramural Electives

Extramural electives are rotations completed at sites not affiliated with the LAU School of Medicine provided that the site has been approved by the Office of Clinical Affairs. Extramural electives are of two types, National and International. Elective applications need to be completed minimum one month prior to the start date of the elective to secure timely processing.

Application Process

Students interested in an extramural elective should apply at least one month before the start date of the elective.

  1. The student expresses his/her intent by completing the online Extramural Application Form
  2. The student will receive a preliminary approval once the elective choice and the site are approved by the OCA
  3. The student can then initiates contact with the site and complete the required application process
  4. Once the student receives the approval of the hosting site and submits the following OCA requested documents, a final approval will be granted:
    1. Medical Health Insurance coverage
    2. Liability Insurance coverage whenever is requested by the hosting site
    3. Official acceptance letter from the hosting site
    4. Complete and updated immunization record

The student has to identify a contact person at the hosting site who would be responsible of the elective and the assessment of student’s performance. The student has to make sure that the contact person identified at the hosting site did send the evaluation on time after completion of the elective; otherwise, the elective will not be considered as satisfactorily completed. In such case, a remedial elective will be scheduled at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital.

Please click here to apply for an elective

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