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Under the High Patronage of His Excellency
The President of The Lebanese Republic General Michel AOUN

3rd International Conference on Medical Education

Simulation for Education and Patient Safety

March 24, 2017: Hilton Metropolitan Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon

March 25, 2017: LAU Clinical Simulation Center, Byblos, Lebanon


René Amalberti, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine
Senior Advisor, Patient Safety
Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), France

Dr. Amalberti is a Professor of Medicine and Senior Advisor Patient Safety, Haute Autorite de Sante (HAS). After a residency in Psychiatry, he integrated the Airforce in 1977, got a permanent Medical Research position in 1982, and became Full Professor of Medicine in 1995.  He retired in 2007 with the rank of General, then dividing his time between the position of senior advisor patient safety at the HAS-Haute Autorité de Santé, scientific director medical risks in a medical insurance Cie (MACSF) and volunteer director of a Public Foundation for safety culture in the Industry (FONCSI).

During his carrier, he occupied several detached managerial positions in national and international bodies: head human factors and flight safety of the European Civil Aviation Authorities (JAA -92-99), chairman of the French national program road and railways safety (01-13), chairman of several scientific boards in charge of environmental risk, with a special consideration for simulation training.

Dr. Amalberti has published over 150 international papers, and authored or co-authored 12 books on human error and system safety (the two last: Amalberti, Navigating safety, Springer, 2013 and Vincent & Amalberti, Safer Healthcare Springer, 2017).

Lance Baily
Founder - &
Healthcare Simulation Entrepreneur

As a healthcare simulation champion, entrepreneur, conference founder, media producer, consultant and EMS/firefighter, Mr. Baily has a proven track record of taking simulation-based projects to the next level. 

Mr. Baily founded, the world’s most read independent healthcare simulation resource website, monthly newsletter, and LinkedIn group. He also founded and directs, an extremely active non-profit organization that supports simulation users around the world. 

Mr. Baily served as Director of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas from 2009-2012 and as a Simulation Technician for the Los Angeles Community College District from 2008-2009. He became an EMS/firefighter in 2008 after working in Hollywood and receiving his degree in digital media production at UC, Santa Cruz. 

Most recently, Mr. Baily has served as Marketing and Strategy Consultant for the global launch of the first high emotion preterm simulator Paul, from!

Peter Dieckmann, PhD
Head of Research
Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES)
Center for Human Resources
Herlev Hospital, Capital Region of Denmark
Past President of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM)


Peter Dieckmann is a work and an organizational psychologist working with the Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES). He is working with simulation-­based education since 1999 and since 2001 within health care. Dr. Dieckmann is doing research on simulation and with simulation. His publications are covering simulation based training, patient safety and human error.

Dr. Dieckmann is an invited keynote speeches at various conferences and workshops simulation and medical meetings. He is the Senior Editor of Advances in Simulation and Editorial Board Member of Clinical Simulation in Nursing. He has developed and is running various faculty development programs. Dr. Dieckmann is one of 12 invited inaugural fellows of the Academy of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. He is the Past President of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (2011-­2013), the President of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) (2009-­2011), SESAM Vice President (2007-2009), SESAM Newsletter Editor (2005-­2007), Conference Co­‐Chair International Meeting for Simulation In Health Care (IMSH) (2011) and Society for Simulation in Health Care Research Committee Chair (2006-­2009).

Marc Lazarovici, MD
Head of the Human Simulation Center
Head of IT department
Institute for Emergency Medicine and Management in Medicine
Munich University Hospital

Dr. Marc Lazarovici is internal medicine specialist, human factor trainer and computer scientist. He graduated from the Munich Medical School (LMU) in 2002 and studied computer sciences at the University Hagen between 2000 and 2011. Since 2003, Dr. Lazarovici is a human factor and Team Resource Management trainer in the medical field. Currently, he is leading the Human Simulation Center at the Institute for Emergency Medicine, Medical Center of the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University, and working as trainer in different medical simulation trainings. He is member of the SSiH, EC member (treasurer) of SESAM and cofounding member of the DGSiM (German Simulation Society).

Alexandre Mignon, MD, PhD, MBA
Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Department of Anesthesia Hopital Nord - Marseille
Head of International Development at iLUMENS, Sorbonne, Paris

Pr. Mignon, M.D., Ph.D., MBA is a professor of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care in Marseille, France, at Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille and AMU, Aix Marseille Universités and a Visiting Professor in Columbia University, NY in 2016. His major fields of interest in simulation are obstetric and cardiothoracic crisis resource management.

Pr. Mignon is the co-founder of iLUMENS, the largest non-profit University-based Medical Training Center in France where he currently serves as responsible for national and international partnerships. He is now building a new Sim Center in Marseille, France.

Pr. Mignon is the creator of the first MOOC devoted to Simulation in Healthcare in 2016, which will be released in English and Chinese in 2017 on the EDX platform. He is also the Scientific Advisor of Medusims, a French Startup designing serious games for medical education, training and evaluation.

Debra Nestel, PhD, FAcadMEd, CHSE-A
Professor of Surgical Education, University of Melbourne
Professor of Simulation Education in Healthcare, Monash University

Debra Nestel is Professor of Surgical Education, Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne and Professor of Simulation Education in Healthcare, Monash University, Australia. Dr. Nestel is Editor-in-Chief, Advances in Simulation, the journal of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM). She is the program lead for the Master of Surgical Education (Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) and co-leads the Master of Surgical Science, University of Melbourne. She is an honorary professorial fellow at Imperial College, London and Graduate Faculty Scholar in the College of Graduate Studies at the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Nestel leads a national program for simulation educators – NHET-Sim and a state-based network in simulated patient methodology. She has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers in health professions education, published a book on simulated patient methodology (2015), and has edited books on healthcare simulation and on surgical education for release in 2017.

Antoine Tesniere, MD, PhD
Professor of Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Cochin Hospital
Director of iLumens, Sorbonne, Paris
Program Director, FDV PhD Program at the Interdisciplinary Research Center
President of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM)

Pr. TESNIERE, MD, PhD, is specialized in Anesthesiology and Intensive care, and has a full
time position at Cochin Hospital, APHP, Paris. He is also the Director of iLumens simulation
center, Université Sorbonne Paris Cité, and vice director of the Doctoral School « Frontiers in
life sciences », Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Université Paris Descartes. He holds an
MD, obtained in 2007 from Université Paris Descartes, and a Phd, obtained in 2009 from
Université Paris Sud. He is also Dean for medical education at Université Paris Descartes
Medical School, is working as special advisor for simulation in healthcare for Health Institution
(Haute Autorité de Santé), and is the current President of the European Society for Simulation
in Healthcare SESAM, and the current secretary for the French society for simulation in
Healthcare (SoFraSims). Antoine Tesniere is the co founder of iLumens, an innovative
Simulation Department that develops new training and research programs using all simulation
modalities, and virtual environments (serious games), for every healthcare professionals.
Recently, Antoine Tesniere has joined a special French Chinese government exchange
program for young leaders in both countries, participating in bilateral exchanges between young
and promising leaders. Through all these activities, Antoine Tesniere is the author of a number
of scientific articles in international scientific journals, and has developed a renowned expertise
in the field of new technologies for information and communication, and of new approaches
around learning and teaching, especially for healthcare professionals.


Jalal Alfroukh, CHSOS
Medical Simulation Operation Specialist
King Fahad Medical City

Mr. Alfroukh is a Healthcare Simulation Operation Specialist at King Fahad Medical
City (KFMC) – Saudi Arabia. He received his training at Leeds simulation center in UK
(2005) to become a specialist in clinical skills training and medical simulation. Mr.
Alfroukh is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations (CHSOS) from the Society
for Simulation in Healthcare– USA. He is an authorized proctor for Laparoscopic
Surgery Exam FLS exam - SAGES (USA) and instructor in Simulation Technician
Course at KFMC. Mr. With his thirty years of experience in the field, Mr. Alfroukh is a
well-known instructor in many national and international simulation conferences.

Ferooz Sekandarpoor
Vice President
Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists

Mr. Sekandarpoor is the Simulation Technology Specialist at the Faculty of Medicine-
University of British Columbia (BC) in Vancouver, Canada. He is also the simulation
expert for the faculty of medicine for the province of British Columbia where he is
the Chair the BC Simulation Technology Working Group. Mr. Sekandarpoor is the CEO
of BrainNet Consulting Inc. and the Vice President for The Gathering of Healthcare
Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS).
Mr. Sekandarpoor has a master degree in information technology and computer
science and holds many leading industries certificates such as (MCSE, CISCO, Polycom,
Tandberg, Security+ and Ethical Hacking). Before joining the University of British
Columbia, Mr. Sekandarpoor worked as a network administrator for United Nations
Development Program internationally. In addition to the simulation spaces that he
has helped to deliver within British Columbia, he assisted in the design simulation
spaces for various organizations internationally (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya).
With his 16 years of experience as IT professional, Simulation Technology Specialist
and AV Specialist in Healthcare and Academic Environment, Mr. Sekandarpoor is A
well-known presenter at national and international conferences such as International
Medical Simulation in Healthcare IMSH, USA 2015, 2016, SimGHOSTS 2012, 2014 &
2015, USA, University of Sunshine Coast Australia and American College of Chest
Chicago, USA, Dubai Health City, Dubai UAE.

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