Mission and Vision


Nurture our students to become compassionate, ethical physicians dedicated to the highest standards of patient care, the well-being of society, and the advancement of the field of medicine;

Provide innovative medical education, and foster professionalism, global health awareness, research and scholarly pursuit.


We aspire -

To become a leading institution in medical education through advancement of pedagogical innovation and cutting-edge simulation technology, and to be a hub for local and regional leadership in the field.

To develop academic and clinical centers of excellence dedicated to the highest standards of patient care, clinical training and research, in collaboration with affiliated teaching hospitals and regional and international partnering medical institutions.

Our Educational Program: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Doctors

The school of medicine’s integrated curriculum, with its reliance on small-group, self-directed, and patient-centered learning, and its emphasis on the patient rather than the disease, develops the depth of character and the insight into human nature required of the graduating physician. The school will be distinguished by its success in preparing graduates who achieve academic excellence, demonstrate commitment to patient and community service, exhibit outstanding interpersonal skills, and adhere to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and medical ethics.