Andre Megarbane, MD, PhD

Department of Human Genetics

Assistant Dean for Research
Chair, Department of Human Genetics

I have dedicated myself to the localization and identification of genes involved in orphan diseases, mainly autosomal recessive, which represent a real problem in public health as well as a considerable financial burden for those affected. Even though genetics is not considered in many countries to be a national priority, I was personally convinced (and I still am) that the prevention of genetic illnesses and some cancers, based on a accurate diagnosis and good genetic counselling, is not only a necessity, but a duty on a human level. This is a resource not to be neglected when it comes to reducing the costs associated with treating such illnesses, in terms of  both morbidity and mortality. To link genetic diseases or cancers to their causes helps to broaden diagnostic and preventive options in the treatment of these diseases in a more precise, more personalized, and more efficient way.  

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Genetics, orphan diseases, genes, malformations