Michel E. Mawad, MD

Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Therapeutics
Division of Interventional Neuroradiology

Dr. Michel Mawad was appointed Dean of the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine in February 2017. He has brought to the institution an ideal combination of proven excellence in the clinical, academic and leadership fronts.

Dr. Mawad returned to the Middle East in 2015 after a remarkable 32-year career with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, where among many other achievements, he pioneered minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders such as aneurysms, arteriovenous malformation, and stroke. At Baylor, he held various key positions in radiology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, neurology and ophthalmology - initially as clinical assistant/associate professor and later as tenured professor and chair, in addition to serving as neuroradiology fellowship director for 25 years.

Dr. Mawad has a longstanding experience in setting up and staffing multidisciplinary stroke centers in several metropolitan areas: Houston, Texas, Abu Dhabi UAE, and most recently Beirut, Lebanon.

Dr. Mawad holds several patents, boasts over 300 publications and has received research and educational grants totaling over $4.25 million in addition to various honors and awards. Additionally, he has hosted 30 international meetings and symposia, given 130 seminars and presentations, and authored dozens of clinical and research protocols.

Dr. Mawad is a member of eight medical organizations, including the World Federation of Therapeutics & Interventional Neuroradiology, which he helped establish and ultimately led. He sits on the editorial boards of several prominent journals, including Interventional Neuroradiology, American Journal of Neuroradiology, and Journal of Neurovascular Disease.

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stroke, intracranial aneurysm, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, thrombectomy, angioplasty, cerebral arteriovenous malformation, pediatric cerebral malformations, intracranial bleeding, intracranial hemorrhage, embolus, thrombus, blocked artery, carotid artery disease, vertebral artery disease