Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission requirements to the M.D. program at LAU?

Please see the Admissions page.

What is the MCAT?

MCAT stands for the Medical College Admission Test. It is an entrance exam for medical school. The test has four subject areas:

For more information on registration and test dates, refer to the Association of American Medical Colleges website and contact the AMIDEAST office.

What are the GPA/Average and MCAT scores for a student to be considered for medical school?

Admission to the medical school will be on a competitive basis. The higher your GPA and MCAT scores are, the more competitive you are as an applicant. Normally the MCAT is required for admission, only two MCAT attempts are allowed, and we will consider the higher total score. In case of more than two MCAT sittings, the first two sittings will be considered only.

However due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MCAT exams will not be administered in Lebanon before March 2021 per decision of the AAMC. Therefore the school of medicine will use the scores of the cumulative GPA, core GPA, and interviews, and will waive the MCAT requirement, in making the selection for the 2021-2022 Medicine Year.

Going forward, the School of Medicine will continue to monitor the status of MCAT administration and will make decisions regarding admission criteria accordingly. Should the MCAT remain suspended, the school will most likely waive it as a requirement for the upcoming cycle (class to begin Med I in the fall of 2022).  Such a decision would be revisited, pending future updates on MCAT testing from the AAMC.

Additionally, applicants may not take the Pass/No Pass (P/NP) option for any required premedical Core Courses, as of the fall 2020 semester. Core Courses that were taken with the P/NP option in the spring or summer 2020 term, and elective courses taken with the P/NP option in any term, will be accepted with the application.  However, P/NP courses may not exceed 20% of the student’s bachelor’s degree total number of credits.

Where will clinical practice take place?

During their clinical years, students train at the main LAU teaching and research facility, the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital, in addition to other LAU clinical affiliates, serving either as sites for core clerkships, such as the Psychiatry clerkship at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross, Otolaryngology clerkship at the Sacred-Heart Hospital, Pathology at the Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC), and Emergency Department at the Military Hospital, or as sites for elective rotations.

How long is the M.D. program?

It is a four-year post-bachelor program, following which the student receives the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

When should I apply?

Students must apply to the medical school by January 15, 2021 (for early acceptances) or by March 31, 2021 (for regular acceptances).

How do I schedule an interview?

You do not have to do so. Appointments for interviews are granted after members of the School of Medicine Admissions Committee have reviewed all completed applications. Based on the review results, an applicant may be invited to the school for an interview.

If I hold a B.S. from a university other than LAU (local or abroad), can I still apply to the School of Medicine?

Yes, provided that you have met all LAU pre-medical requirements or their LAU-approved equivalents.

If I am accepted the first year when I applied and did not enroll, or if I am not accepted the first year, can I apply another year?

Admission is valid only for the academic year for which a student applies. If an applicant is accepted and for some reason does not register, then his or her admission is forfeited. To join the school of medicine at some later time, the student (whether previously accepted or not) will have to reapply, present complete documents, and compete as part of the new applicant pool.

How much is the tuition fee and does it increase yearly?

See this page for a complete listing of tuition and fees. Note that students enrolled in a certain academic year will pay the same yearly tuition fee for the four years of medical studies.

Do you offer any financial aid or scholarships?

A financial aid program is available for students including scholarships and loans. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office - Byblos Campus.

Merit scholarships are offered to top-ranking accepted students who applied for early acceptance.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

MCAT scores: Exceptionally for the class beginning in fall of 2021, the school of medicine will waive the MCAT requirement and will consider the overall GPA, the core GPA, and the interview score in making the selection.  

Financial aid application deadline: March 31, 2021.

For the class beginning in 2020: First day of classes: August 24, 2020.