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Inter-Professional Education Sessions

Chagoury Health Sciences Center, Level 4, Byblos Campus


Medicine, nursing and pharmacy students with prior clinical experiences will have a chance to participate in an inter-professional education activity at the CSC on these dates:

  • March 16, 12–2 pm
  • March 23, 8–10 am and 12–2 pm
  • March 30, 8–10 am and 12–2 pm
  • April 4, 12–2 pm

The activity will immerse students in high-fidelity simulation in order to develop collaborative clinical practice skills.

Participants in this activity will practice and reflect on their inter-professional collaboration and communication in the acute care of a patient, as well as on their approach to the family of a patient in a stressful situation.

The CSC Liaison Committee will be pilot-testing this activity with a plan to incorporate it in LAU’s IPE curriculum in the future.

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