Patient Care

Fayez Abillama, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Division of Critical Care Medicine
Division of Pulmonary Diseases

Clerkship Director in Intensive Care
Division Head, Critical Care Medicine
Interim Chief Medical Officer for Clinical and Emergency Affairs

I studied Critical Care and Anesthesiology in France. Subsequently I worked in France for ten years, then moved to Lebanon where I have practiced as a Critical Care physician. I have significant experience with wounded soldiers, mainly acquired during the 2007 Nahr el Bared battle.

In parallel, I was elected President of the Lebanese Critical Care Society. During my mandate, I organized seminars as well as national and regional congresses. I also organized the first ultrasound seminars dedicated to Reanimation.

At present, I am pursuing work in the area of parenteral nutrition at LAU Medical Center - Rizk Hospital. In addition, I have been involved in national campaigning with the National Organization for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplant (NOD-lb) in Lebanon.

I am also highly interested in the issue of ethics which is reflected in my past participation in medical ethics committees within our hospital.

I am currently conducting awareness campaigns on Basic Live Support (BLS) directed at the general public.

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critical conditions, intensive care, anesthesiology, nutrition, ethics, organ donation