Patient Care

Jinane El Khoury, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Program Director, Residency in Dermatology


Selected Publications

  1. Farah M, El Chaer F, El Khoury J, El Zakhem A. Erythema multiforme-like hand, foot, and mouth disease in an immunocompetent adult: A case report. Int J Dermatol. (2020 Apr) 59(4):487-489. 
  2. El-Khoury J, Renald M H, Plantier F, Avril MF, Moyal-Barracco M. Vulvar Hidradenoma Papilliferum are located on the sites of mammary-like anogenital glands: A clinical study of 52 cases. J Am Acad Dermatol. (2016 Aug) 75(2):380-4.
  3. El Khoury J, Kurban M, Kibbi AG, Abbas O. Fibroblast-activation protein: Valuable marker of cutaneous epithelial malignancy. Arch Dermatol Res.(2014 May) 306(4):359-65.
  4. El-Khoury J, Kurban M, Abbas O. Elastophagocytosis: Underlying mechanisms and associated cutaneous entities J Am Acad Dermatol. (2014 May) 70(5):934-44.
  5. El Khoury J, Khalifeh I, Kibbi AG, Abbas O. Cutaneous metastasis: clinicopathological study of 72 patients from a tertiary care center in Lebanon. Int J Dermatol. (2014 Feb) 53(2):147-58.
  6. El Khoury J, Abd-el-Baki J, Succariah F, Abbas O, Kibbi AG, Kurban M. Topical immunomodulation with diphenylcyclopropenone for alopecia areata: The Lebanese experience. Int J Dermatol. (2013 Dec) 52(12):1551-6.
  7. Abbas O, Farooq M, El Khoury J, Kibbi AG, Fujikawa H, Fujimoto A, Shimomura Y, Kurban M. A novel splice-site ECM1 gene mutation in a Lebanese girl with lipoid proteinosis. Int J Dermatol. (2013 Jul) 52(7):824-6.
  8. El Khoury J, Taher A, Kurban M, Kibbi AG, Abbas O. Livedoid vasculopathy associated with sickle cell trait: Significant improvement on aspirin treatment. Int Wound J. (2012 Jun) 9(3):344-7.
  9. El Khoury J, Salman S, Kibbi AG, Abbas O. Indurated hyperpigmented plaques with overlying fibrotic nodules in an adolescent boy. Pediatr Dermatol. (2012 Jan-Feb) 29(1):111-2.

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Psoriasis, atopic dermatis, acne, dermatology, bullous diseases, vulvar pathology, eczema, alopecia, hair loss