Patient Care

Nancy Maalouf, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology

Selected Publications

  1. Yaghi SMaalouf NKeyrouz SG. Cervical artery dissection: Risk factors, treatment, and outcome; A 5 year experience from a tertiary care center. Int J Neurosci.. 2012 Jan; 122(1):40-4.
  2. Maalouf N, Harik SI. Clinical reasoning: A 33-year-old woman with severe postpartum occipital headaches. Neurology. 2012 Jan 31;78(5):366-9.
  3. Maalouf N, Keyrouz SG. Early appearance of DWI hyperintensities in aphasic status epilepticus. The Neuroradiology Journal. 2012 Jan 2: 17-20
  4. Maalouf N, Hinduja A, Shihabuddin B. Primary antiphospholipid syndrome manifesting as partial status epilepticus. Neurosciences. 2013 Apr;18(2):160-2.
  5. El Youssef N, Maalouf N, Mourad A, Saade J, Khoury M. Teaching neuroimages: Retinal migraine in action. Neurology. 2018;90(11):e992.
  6. El Youssef N, Khoury M, Saade J, Mourad A, Maalouf N. Homonymous hemianopia as presenting symptom of multiple sclerosis. ACNR. 2018; 18(2):28-29.

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Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, memory loss, stroke, multiple sclerosis, headaches, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathy, myopathy, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis