Patient Care

Rachid Rahme, MD

Clinical Instructor

Chief of Section, Emergency Medicine, LAU Medical Center-St. John’s Hospital

I have had extensive clinical and administrative experience as Head of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, which included the Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), at Sacred Heart Hospital, Hazmieh, Lebanon, from 2013 till 2021.  This experience encompassed the following:
Collaborating with ED/ ICU nursing leadership, emergency physicians and advanced practice provider (APP) staff, and hospital administration to ensure the ED/ICU care delivery model achieves high-quality emergency care and evolves to match the needs of the patients, the department, the hospital, and the community.
Developing, maintaining, updating, and implementing policies, procedures, and protocols; ensuring providers’ awareness and compliance with policies; and working to ensure that medical staff policies support the department and hospital vision for ED/ICU care.
Contributing to a variety of administrative functions through coordination, education, or monitoring, including: regulatory issues, quality improvement, risk management, disaster preparedness, utilization review, budgetary issues, and preparation for accreditation or certification. 
Working to ensure effective communication among medical staff; serving as community and media representative when necessary in collaboration with hospital administration and public relations department; and investigating and responding to patient complaints or grievances related to patient care.
Establishing a process for, and participating in, the recruitment of qualified emergency care providers including key nursing personnel; ensuring appropriate credentialing, orientation, and training of providers in compliance with hospital policies and consistent with departmental needs; and providing opportunities for ongoing focused education courses for/by the ED / ICU staff, as appropriate to the staff, patient population, and facility needs..
In the scope of my role at LAU Medical Center-St. John’s Hospital, I look forward to utilizing my extensive experience toward developing and executing all essential aspects of the Emergency Department, in full coordination with the medical director and team.

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