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Neurovascular Week 2018

July 22 – 27, 2018   |   Lebanon

ISND Program

July 25–27, 2018   |   Beirut, Lebanon


Wednesday July 25

Opening Ceremony

19:00–19:10 Opening remarks
19:10–19:30 Official address
19:30–20:00 Keynote lecture
20:00–20:30 Reception

Day 1: Thursday July 26

Module I: Acute Stroke

8:00–8:30 Pre-Hospital Logistics
8:30–9:00 Optimal Expedited Imaging: Diffusion, Perfusion, RAPID Confusion
9:00–9:30 Intravenous Thrombolytics: To Give or Not to Give?
9:30–10:00 Time Window: How Long is Too Late?
10:00–10:30 Coffee Break
10:30–11:00 Aspiration Thrombectomy: Does It Suck?
11:00–11:30 Mechanical Thrombectomy: ADAPT-ing to Reality
11:30–12:30 Free For All Round Table Discussion
12:30–14:00 Lunch

Module II: Aneurysm Treatment

14:00–14:30 Small Unruptured Aneurysms: What is your Number?
14:30–15:00 Balloon-Assisted Coiling: When & Why?
15:00–15:30 Stent-Assisted Coiling: What is Left?
15:30–16:00 Large & Giant Aneurysms: Monster with a Bad Reputation!
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break
16:30–17:00 Flow Diversion in Large & Giant Aneurysms: How to Make it Work?
17:00–17:30 Side-Branch Aneurysms: Flow Re-Direction
17:30–18:00 Intra-Saccular Flow Diversion in Bifurcation Aneurysms: Come & Gone?
18:00–18:30 Free For All Round Table Discussion

Day 2: Friday July 27

Module III: Cerebral AVMs

08:00–08:30 Unruptured AVMs: The ARUBA Effect
08:30–09:00 Cerebral AVMs: Trans-Arterial Treatment
09:00–09:30 Cerebral AVMs: Trans-Venous Treatment
09:30–10:00 Coffee Break
10:00–10:30 Cerebral AVMs: Surgical Treatment
10:30–11:00 Cerebral AVMs: Stereotactic Radiotherapy Treatment
11:00–12:00 Free For All Round Table Discussion
12:00–14:00 Lunch

Module IV: Cerebral Dural AVFs

14:00–14:30 Cerebral Dural AVFs: Practical Classification
14:30–15:00 Cerebral Dural AVFs: Trans-Arterial Treatment
15:00–15:30 Cerebral Dural AVFs: Trans-Venous Treatment
15:30–16:00 Free For All Round Table Discussion
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break

Module V: Vascular Malformations of the Spinal Axis

16:30–17:00 Spinal Vascular Malformations: Practical Classification
17:00–17:30 Spinal Dural AVFs: Trans-Arterial Treatment
17:30–18:00 Vascular Malformations of the Spinal Cord: Trans-Arterial Treatment
18:00-18:30 Free For All Round Table Discussion


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