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Clinical Affiliations

During their clinical years, students train at the main LAU teaching and research facility, the Lebanese American University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital in addition to other LAU clinical affiliates, serving either as sites for core clerkships [such as the Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology clerkships at Mount Lebanon Hospital (MLH), the Psychiatry clerkship at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross, the Otolaryngology clerkship at the Sacred-Heart Hospital, the Obstetrics & Gynecology clerkship at Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH) and the Pathology clerkship at the Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC)], or as sites for elective rotations.

The LAU Medical Center – Rizk Hospital is a multispecialty, multidisciplinary academic medical facility located in Achrafieh.

Established in 1925 as Clinique Dr. Rizk, today LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital serves as the primary teaching hospital for LAU Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

Renown in the community for its long heritage of fostering excellent health through caring about the well-being of each of its patients, LAU Medical Center – Rizk Hospital has evolved since its beginning to become one of the leading hubs for comprehensive patient services.

LAU Medical Center – Rizk Hospital physicians are leaders in their respective fields. Under their stewardship, the Medical Center continues to set the highest community standards in ethics and patient safety.

LAU Medical Center – Rizk Hospital is committed to continuing to build on its excellence in patient care, clinical outcomes, teaching, and scholarship by investing in human resources as well as cutting-edge technology to achieve its vision as the premier Medical Center for patient care in the region.

Mount Lebanon Hospital (MLH) is a 250-bed Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital with around 650 employees. It provides physicians and patients with the latest in technology and medical innovation.

Founded in 1995 by Mr. Mekhael Gharios, it stands out as a facility offering a wide spectrum of care, from Diagnostic Oncology and PET scan, to Radiation Therapy and various medico-surgical services. Medical students are exposed to a grand variety of clinical cases, in modern critical care areas, in the operating room and on the medical wards (Psychiatry, Neonatology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and General Surgery). Interaction with students and residents of the Lebanese University, and with the nursing staff, enriches their experience at the Hospital.

The Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross is a specialized center for psychiatric illnesses providing all types of care to psychiatric patients in the acute and chronic settings. It hosts medical students from various Medical Schools in Lebanon and offers a rich exposure to common and rare psychiatric encounters. It is the primary site for Clinical Psychiatry education of our Med III students.

The Sacred-Heart Hospital is a healthcare facility situated in Mount-Lebanon providing general and specialized care in medical and surgical specialties, including Otolaryngology, Pathology and other specialties where LAU students in their Medicine Year IV rotate and attend clinics and surgical operations. The volume of encounters is big and can ensure adequate exposure to many students and residents at the same time. Students and residents from the Lebanese University Medical School rotate in this facility as well. 

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC) is a state of the art private 158 operating beds hospital, Joint Commission International accredited and affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, where students will take their training and practical skills to the next level in a real environment. It is designed to offer patients the most innovative new treatments and technologies available in the region, in a safe and compassionate environment. CMC is a core site for the Pathology core clerkship in addition to elective rotations.

The Military Hospital is a healthcare facility that delivers care to all those serving in the Lebanese Army and their families. The hospital is known for its big load and variety of patient encounters, which enriches students’ exposure and provides a unique clinical experience, especially when dealing with emergency situations. Students rotate at this hospital to complete the requirements of the Primary Care core clerkship.

Rafic Hariri University Hospital (RHUH) is the major governmental hospital in Lebanon offering academic training to young doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians. It includes 430 beds and 14 operating rooms, and delivers a full range of primary and highly specialized care provided by professional and dedicated staff. RHUH’s main strength is providing advanced medical care to the ever-increasing proportion of needy patients in Lebanon. Students rotate at this facility to fulfill the requirements of some core clerkships, such as Obstetrics & Gynecology, or to enrich their exposure in specific elective specialties (Elective Clinical Rotations).

Chiah Health Care Centre is a health care dispensary situated in Chiah; its mission is to provide, at minimal or no cost, quality health services to underprivileged persons in Lebanon, regardless of race, gender, geographic location, ethnic origin, or religious affiliation. In fulfilling its mission in health care delivery, this dispensary promotes a message of solidarity and selfless compassion among those who serve in it, and to the patients who benefit from its activities.

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