MD Program

Curriculum Structure

The LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine offers a four-year undergraduate medical program conceptually based on the integration of basic biomedical, social, and clinical sciences. The Med I-Med II curriculum consists of a series of modules: the introductory Foundations of Medicine, followed by a sequence of organ-system modules. The Med-III and Med-IV years consist of rotating clinical clerkships, the majority of which are required, or “core”. Additionally, a capstone course takes place at the end of the Med-IV year. Elective content is offered mainly during the last year of study, when 14 weeks are devoted to clinical rotations of the student’s choice, subject to approval by the Office of Medical Education. Electives may be intramural or extramural - the latter taking place in Lebanon or at international sites.

The curriculum includes subjects that are taught and developed progressively at multiple stages of the students’ education, as well as subject areas that run as themes or “spreads” throughout the program. As shown in the curricular timeline, examples of major spreads include Patient Safety, Research, Ethics, Professionalism, and Communication Skills. The required Longitudinal Program spans the entire Med-III year, and allows students on different rotations to gather together weekly for lectures, tutorials, or workshops on a variety of topics. The Continuity Experience Clerkship spans the third and fourth years. In this clerkship, students follow an individual patient or family and gain understanding of the impact of home, community, and environment on their patients’ health and well-being.

Current school of medicine students may access schedules, objectives, and module and rotation guides via the online Blackboard.  Students may apply here for Med IV electives.

The curriculum structure is detailed below, along with a visual representation, for easier viewing.

Year I Modules

Foundations of Medicine 14 Weeks
Hematology & Immunology 7 Weeks
Endocrinology & Reproductive Medicine
  • Endocrinology: 4.5 weeks
  • Reproductive: 4.5 weeks
9 Weeks
Nephrology 7 Weeks
  • Head & Neck Anatomy: 2 weeks
  • Pulmonary: 7 weeks
9 Weeks

Year II Modules

Gastrointestinal 7 Weeks
Cardiovascular 7 Weeks
Musculoskeletal & Dermatology
  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy: 2 weeks
  • Musculoskeletal: 4 weeks
  • Dermatology: 3 weeks
9 Weeks
Neurosciences & Psychiatry
  • Neurosciences: 4 weeks
  • Psychiatry: 8 weeks
12 Weeks

Year III Clerkships

all Core/Required
Internal Medicine 8 Weeks
Surgery 8 Weeks
Pediatrics 8 Weeks
Obstetrics & Gynecology 8 Weeks
Psychiatry 4 Weeks
Primary Care 4 Weeks
Neurology 4 Weeks

Year IV Clerkships

Core/Required except for electives
Surgery 4 Weeks
Internal Medicine 4 Weeks
Anesthesiology & Rehabilitation 4 Weeks
Otolaryngology 2 Weeks
Ophthalmology 2 Weeks
Radiology 2 Weeks
Pathology 2 Weeks
Emergency Medicine 4 Weeks
Intensive Care Unit 4 Weeks
Capstone Week 1 Week
Electives 14 Weeks

Vertical Spreads

  • Patient Safety
  • Research
  • Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Communication Skills
  • Continuity Experience Clerkship (Years III and IV)

Visual Structure of the MD Curriculum. Click to view the full-size version