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Abdul Rahman Shatila, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clerkship Director in Neurology

I graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1983 and spent three years training in Internal Medicine, before finishing my residency and fellowship in Neurology in the U.S.A.  In Lebanon, as of 1992, I was involved in the practice of Neurology in private settiings; and more importantly, I was a lecturer in Neurology at the Lebanese University School of Medicine where I garnered 25 years’ experience,  and at Beirut Arab University School of Medicine where I acquired 10 years’ experience. I was further involved with residency programs in Internal Medicine at Makassed General Hospital (30 years) and Rafik Hariri University Hospital (10 years) and with residency programs in Neurology (15 years’ experience at the Lebanese University School of Medicine). My teaching experience took place both in the classroom and at the bedside, in hospital rounds and clinics. This substantial experience will be translated into a strong educational momentum at the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine.

Selected Publications

  1. Ahdab R, Shatila MM, Shatila AR, Khazen G, Freiha J, Salem M, Makhoul K, El Nawar R, El Nemr S, Ayache SS, Riachi N. Cortical excitability measures may predict clinical response to fampridine in patients with multiple  sclerosis and gait impairment. Brain Sci. (2019 Dec 5) 9(12):357.‏
  2. Arabi M, Dirani M, Hourani R, Nasreddine W, Wazne J, Atweh S, Samara H, Shatila AR, Beydoun A. Frequency and stratification of epileptogenic lesions in elderly with new onset seizures. Front Neurol. (2018 Nov 30)  9:995. ‏
  3. Naja Z, Naja AS, Rajab O, Mugharbil A, Shatila AR, Al Hassan J. Repetitive nerve block for neuropathic pain management: A case report. Scand J Pain. (2018 Jan 26) 18(1):125-127.‏
  4. Naous A, Shatila AR, Naja Z, Naja AS, Rajab M. Encephalocraniocutaneous lipomatosis: A rare association with tethered spinal cord syndrome with review of literature. Child Neurol Open. (2015 Feb 13) 2(1):2329048X14553297. ‏
  5. Shatila AR, Koussa S, Jabbour R, Mourad A, Aouad A, Sabbagh G, Kallab K, Hilal R, Khalifeh R, Gebeily S, Tourbah A. LSN MS guidelines for the management of multiple sclerosis; Lebanese Society of Neurology. Rev Neurol (Paris). (2013 Dec) 169(12):950-5. ‏
  6. Chamdine, OM.; Shatila, A-R S.; Yassin, NA.; Muwakkit, SA.; Ibrahim,  AO.: Cyclosporine-induced PRES in a child recipient of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Journal of Pediatric Neurology; (2012) Issue 04. 
  7. ‏Pozzilli C, Schweikert B, Ecari U, Oentrich W; BetaPlus Study group (AR Shatila + several participants). Supportive strategies to improve adherence to IFN β-1b in multiple sclerosis—results of the βPlus observational cohort study. J Neurol Sci. (2011 Aug 15) 307(1-2):120-6. 
  8. Shatila AR, Atrouni S, Jarkass H. Cardioembolic stroke: A four-year hospital-based study: Makassed General Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon.  Abstract European Stroke Conference (2011)
  9. Makke Y, Beydoun A, Sabbagh S, Shatila AR, Arabi M, Hmaimess G, Nasreddine W.  Yield of epileptiform discharges after a 3 hours sleep  deprived EEG in newly diagnosed patients with epilepsy. American University of Beirut Medical Center. Abstract American Epilepsy Society (AES) (2011) 3.116.
  10. Uthman BM, Beydoun A, Makki Y, Shatila AR, Akkawi M, Harb M.  Mimickers of epilepsy in a prospective cohort of patients with suspected newly diagnosed epilepsy. Abstract AES (2011) 2.166.

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General neurology, stroke, epilepsy, headache, neuromuscular disorders, clinical neurophysiology, multiple sclerosis, neuro-ophthalmology