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MSA (LAU Medical Students’ Association)

The Medical Students Association is an LAU student club that personifies the humanitarian spirit of the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine. The MSA organizes a variety of outreach, educational, and fundraising activities throughout the year. These events bring together the community of faculty, staff, and students from LAU’s medical school and medical centers, at the same time raising money to benefit the community at large.

All LAU medical students are eligible to join the MSA and take part in activities. The MSA is overseen by a board of eleven students, elected yearly by their classmates. In addition to a club president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, the MSA Board includes the heads of several committees: the External Affairs, Social, USMLE, Awareness, MedNashra, DMD, and Media Committees. A faculty member from the School of Medicine serves as official club advisor and provides guidance for the organization.

Check out our activities and events on the MSA Facebook page or contact us.

Major events sponsored and organized by the MSA

LeMSIC (Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee)

The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) is a student-run organization that represents, connects, and engages medical students around the globe. Founded in 1951, the IFSMA currently holds 139 National Member Organizations (NMO) from more than 130 countries and areas, with over one million students represented worldwide. IFMSA is recognized by the World Health Organization and the World Medical Association.

In 1964, the Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee was founded and joined IFMSA as an active national member organization. LeMSIC is an independent, student-run, nonpolitical, non-governmental (registration number 1195), and not-for-profit organization that has worked toward embracing hundreds of medical students in its various fields of work. From empowering medical students, introducing them to global, reproductive, and sexual health to providing them with exchange opportunities.

LAU LeMSIC is an official student club at the university. It is also a unique resource that allows LAU medical students to collaborate on meaningful national projects and experience life abroad through professional or research exchange offered by IFMSA. Through LAU LeMSIC, participating members have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, broaden their perspectives, and develop long-lasting relationships with medical students from around the world. 

Since many LeMSIC members were forced to cancel their SCOPE/SCORE exchange contracts due to the financial crisis in Lebanon (2019-present), we joined Med-Ex, an initiative by LeMSIC to open new national opportunities for medical students all over Lebanon. Our LAUMC- Saint-John hospital, is hosting local medical students for a one-month observership during the summer.

The LAU LeMSIC local committee is headed by a Local Director who coordinates the work of members and standing committees and collaborates with other local committees as well as the team of officials. At LAU, we have six standing committees: professional exchange (SCOPE), research exchange (SCORE), public health (SCOPH), sexual and reproductive health and rights including HIV and AIDS (SCORA), medical education (SCOME), and human rights and peace (SCORP). Each standing committee has a local officer and an assistant local officer elected annually to organize events within LAU and participate in national events organized by the national standing committee. The LAU LeMSIC team receives support from a designated faculty advisor at the LAU Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine.

Check out our activities and events on the LeMSIC:

- Instagram page: @lemsic.lebanon

- Facebook page: @LeMSIC

- Linkedin page: Lebanese Medical Students’ International Committee (LeMSIC)

- Twitter: @LeMSICLebanon

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Jana Moukahal.png

“Joining LeMSIC was full of opportunities and values. It is a good asset in which we learn, experience growth, and make connections. In LeMSIC, there is a huge privilege for us as medical students to fully serve our community. Bridging between medical school and outside life is a skill we learned, and here we are, ready to apply.




Jana Moukahal

LeMSIC – LAU Local Director – 2022/2023

Assistant Local Director – 2021/2022


Jean-Paul Khairallah.jpg

  “Through LeMSIC, I spent four enriching weeks at a reputable hospital in France, shadowing physicians, interacting with professionals and patients, discovering the renowned healthcare system, and exploring innovative modalities of care. This also allowed me to connect with medical students from around the world, discover new cultures, and grow on a personal and professional level. Overall, the experience was life-changing!”




Jean-Paul Khairallah

LeMSIC National Public Health Officer – 2022/2023

Assistant Local Public Health Officer – 2021/2022